Health Benefits for Employees Discussion Response

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Facebook expresses that they have health benefits for employees and their families while offering family leave for new parents. As part of employee benefits they assist in adoption as well as surrogacy. Working at Facebook is more of a culture and community than a work place based on the website. They want employees to join community groups so they can connect with one another on other levels. Onsite amenities include dry cleaning and laundry services as well as vending machines. Along with holiday and vacation time every five years Facebook gives employees a 30 day break. Working at Facebook is a diverse atmosphere with people from all different backgrounds and expertise. Facebook believes by taking care of their employees and their families it will allow them to focus on Facebook’s mission of bringing people closer together. “Googlers” as Google employees are called enjoy a wide range of benefits. Of course they have education, retirement and health benefits but so do most other companies. Onsite amenities include healthcare services such as physicians and massages services for welllness. The fact that Google has onsite health and wellness services shows they care about the health of their employees. Google also has onsite cafeterias that provide Googlers free food. Onsite gyms are also options at Google along with free classes/personal trainers.

Company websites do provide information about the perks and benefits however, it is not entirely a complete benefits package by no means. They provide surface level explanations of what benefits they offer. It is only by being an employee and reading the packages given to you can you understand and rate the company behaviors and programs. Sometimes education benefits or incentives are based time in position or based on what position you have. Websites can provide broad information for prospective employees to be attracted to and the benefits could be better or worse.

And write a response to this discussion with one source (150-200 words)

CVS seems to emphasizes corporate responsibility, looking into their website further CVS makes sure to highlight and let you know as an employee you will “have an impactful purpose on someone’s life including your own”While the website it’s self it is very plain and abstract, they hit every aspect of corporate responsibility.When you look at the about page , CVS has links each one of their services and major values , leadership, diversity, employee and consumer rights, social responsibility, community support, partnerships, and a specific link for corporate social responsibility . They go further and explain their approach “ Corporate Social Responsibility ties directly to our company purpose of helping people on their path to better health”.CVS at a quick glace immediately tells you what they are all about their values, how they communicate, what their motto is and how they take care of their employees. As for Walgreens their main page is not as detailed as CVS at first glance they emphasize innovation. Walgreensencompasses their values under the innovation idea “ Join us and you’ll find the spirit of excitement and innovation alive and well as we encourage every team member to personally invest in our success and their future by developing better, more creative ways to approach their work, serve our customers, and engage with our communities. The result is a livelier, more dynamic, and healthier workplace for all. ”Walgreens is proud to be a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) leader, setting the pace on some of the most important issues of our day, from healthcare and combatting climate change to valuing diversity and fostering inclusion. Walgreens goes even further and explains “We touch communities in every state and have a moral imperative to be a good corporate citizen. Our customers want products they can trust. Our employees want to work for a company that does the right thing. And society expects us to contribute to resolving urgent healthcare issues and to show progress in reducing our environmental impact. ”CVS and Walgreens both understand the importance of communicating their values to their employees. They established themselves as leaders in the community, and aim to create an environment where social responsibility is the key to creating strong work ethic while giving their employees a purpose. Both companies do a great job in communicating their intentions to their constituencies.


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