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Prior to the readings, my perception of the question posed was that they are synonymous, however, my view has been altered due to the rationale presented within the resources provided.As the text clearly states, leadership and management offer distinct roles and responsibilities.Leadership implies a spirit of inspiration and focuses on attaining goals through one’s influence. (O’Neill, 2013).Management is a process of multitasking and organization.“They identified management as a special kind of leadership that concentrates on the achievement of organizational goals.” (Huber, 2014, p. 4).Although leadership and management are discussed as two separate entities, it is clear that overlapping of can occur.As a floor nurse, we are considered leaders for our patients, offering encouragement, knowledge and the tools to improve their health and although we do not hold management positions, we have opportunities to affect change and practice in our healthcare systems through unit based councils which can ultimately create change and offer positive outcomes for patient care.The end goal is to lead towards a path of quality care and continually strive for excellence.“Nurse leaders will serve a primary role in leading change to meet the current and future demands of our healthcare system. Nurse leaders must be progressive, collaborative, and pioneering to accomplish this challenge. Leaders must understand the current healthcare challenges, implement evidenced-based leadership into clinical practice, and transform healthcare through innovation.” (O’Neill, 2013, p. 1).The goal of leadership is to inspire change and create an attainable goal.The goal of management is to attain a goal that benefits the system.Despite their differences, the goals overlap when both the goals of the establishment and the goals of the nurse coincide.This is not always the case but for example, if a nurse wants to implement a teaching program on CHF and the disease management, and the facility wants to decrease readmission rates- these two could yield a similar goal that promotes both the health and well –being of the patient and prevent readmissions as well.

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