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Write an 800-1000-word essay. (Note: Your works cited page does not

count in the word count.) You are only required to cite the text, but

you must cite any other sources that you use. Your essay should be in

MLA format. You must have a minimum of 3 quotes in your essay.

Compare the Epicurean and Stoic way of life. In your essay explain, in detail, the characteristics of both the Epicurean and Stoic way of life and explain which one is superior and why. In your response include criticisms of the inferior choice. For example, if you believe the Stoic way of live is superior, explain why the Epicurean way of life fails as the superior model.

Things to remember when writing an essay: (I will take off points)

  • Never use the phrase “In today’s society”
  • Do not use the word “pretty” to describe an amount
  • Make sure your subject and verb agree.
  • Don’t use excessive adjectives or words
  • Do not add additional space between paragraphs
  • Indent all paragraphs
  • Use a creative title
  • Do not include how great or amazing a particular philosopher is.
  • Eliminate the word “truly”
  • Do not write “whether or not” because whether already implies either
  • A works cited page should be separate from your essay
  • Remember: Never cite Wikipedia.
  • Your first sentence should catch the reader’s attention. It shouldn’t be a question or an obvious statement. An obvious statement is a statement that your reader will already know.

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