Help revising my paper

I need help revising my paper please. I am really bad at it.

There is so many different clubs or organizations at Grand Valley State University. I had know idea if I would join one or have time for one. One my roommates at the beginning of the year asked me if I wanted to go to the Well with her. The Well is the Campus Ministry church they have every Sunday. She also told me I should join a life group.Life group is like a bible study.

I for a few weeks wasn’t sure I wanted to join a life group but then I did. I had one for few week Fall 2017 but the time did not work so I just stopped going then changed life groups during Fall 2017. I went once and I thought it would work out but it was to late and I had so much homework to finish during end of semester I stopped. It came to Winter 2018 and I got a new life group and it worked out because they are great. You get to have fun as you study the bible at the same time.

My life group leaders are Ashely Mason and Alix Skalandis. They are very welcoming from the day I joined this life group. Most of the people in this life group been in the same life group in beginning of Fall 2017 semester but a few. The people in my life group besides my life group leaders are Abby, Emilee, Macenzie, Kendra, Kellie, Courtney, and Alexa. I think I named them all. They are great friends I made. I usually keep to myself most the time so this life group is helping. Usually when we do are bible study stuff I do keep quite a bit but I think I am starting to warm up a little more.I haven’t connected to anyone at GVSU until I joined this life group besides my roommates. I learned that I can open up and talk about God and the bible with my group. When I was a part of the other two life groups at the beginning of the year I didn’t really have interest with the girls in the group but once I change for final time for winter 2018 semester I new it would be good. I love hanging out with these girls.

My thoughts of this life group is very good. I can make friends and be myself. If something is wrong I feel I could go to some of the people in my group and talk to them. I thought I would keep to myself this year since coming back to GVSU besides my roommates but this life group really helped me.

I try to go to every life group each week on Wednesday nights at 8pm but a few I couldn’t make because I had a paper to finish and I know Homework should come first. I am hoping not to miss anymore life groups but the two I am missing because I will be in Florida. Some times we even try to hang out outside of life group when we can. I think the is good thing because then we can get closer to each other. I think next Fall 2018 I will be making sure to join a life group ether with some from my life group I am in with now or one my roommates.

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