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TV Paper Topics

Choose one of the topics and write 4-5 pages

1. Write a paper from a historical perspective, a paper that looks at the history of a particular show, discussing the multitude of changes that occur during the course of the series and the implications of those changes. What caused them? What do they say about our culture, if anything? What kinds of ideologies are being reinforced by those changes? Trace progress over a single season or over an entire series.

2. Write about an issue/concept from class in three different shows of your choice. How does each show approach the issue? What are the underlying messages that each program disapproves of or promotes? What does each say about our culture? Think about everything we’ve covered so far, such as: class, advertising, Americanization/cultural imperialism, ideology, children’s television, feminism, race, etc. You could also focus on one show, and several issues. Yes, this is the same as the first paper topic. And?!

3. Create your own TV show that’s “about something.” Show me that you learned something this semester and put together a proposal for a TV show that you created. The first 3 pages of the paper should describe your idea and how it is going to address the issues/ideas that you want to convey. The last 2-3 pages should be an actual scene from your show, written out, with dialogue and all that other TV shit. This choice should arguably start with an issue that you are passionate about, and grow outward from there. Remember, television is both entertaining and thought provoking. Provoke me!

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