Homework #5: Exploring Genealogy

Homework #5: Exploring Genealogy (DeRoche 2007) – Using the guidelines in chapter two (Angrosino) and the kinship diagram examples in chapters 10 and 11, draw a genealogical chart showing three generations of someone’s family. It’s best to interview someone else (one of your own relatives or even a friend). Once you have the diagram arranged, ask your interview subject to answer the following question for EACH of the people on the chart:

  • What do you call this person?
  • Who is this person to you?
  • Why are they important or not important in your life?
  • Has this person ever done you a favor you cannot repay? If so, what?

NOTE: Remember you have a classroom full of people who need to do the SAME PROJECT!

Genealogy projects MUST include a copy of the family tree you collected, with whatever annotations you wrote on it while you were interviewing your subject

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