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1- assignment 1 page single space (Times New Roman, 12-point font)

2- make PowerPoint presentation from the same assignment between 5 to 8 slides .

3- write what the presenter should say or explain in one note for each slide.


1. Find a current event / news article from any popular business or news sources (see the websites of potential resources). The article should preferably be published in the last three weeks, but certainly no earlier than three months prior to your presentation.

2. The topic of the news article should be related to Food Service Management & Operations.

3. On your turn-in sheet, put the title and the source of the article. Then write a paragraph summarizing the new brief followed by paragraphs including your own interpretation, opinion, comments, and/or implication of the news to the topic chosen by you. The submission must be single-spaced (Times New Roman, 12-point font) and must not exceed two-pages (excluding the article attached to your paper).

Web Sites of Potential Resources:

• Any popular business or news media (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, etc.,)

• Nation’s Restaurant News:

Hotels: HotelNewsNow (HNN): The magazine of the Worldwide Hotel Industry:

• National Restaurant Association:

International Hotel and Restaurant Association – The leading global association for the hospitality industry, offers the timely global trends in hospitality development and management.

• SmartBrief:

•Foodservice Consultants Society International:

• American Hotel and Lodging Association – The leading lodging industry association in North America. It provides information on hotel development and management trends and practices.

• American Institute of Wine & Food:

• Washington, DC Hotel Association – Local hotel association servicing the members of the lodging industry in DC.

• eHospitality Institute:


• Zagat Survey, LLC:

• Restaurant Hospitality:

• Restaurant Report:


• Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA):

• Convention Industry Council:

• Meetings and Conventions:

• Meeting Professionals International (MPI):

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