How to respond to a students response 1

I believe one great and easy way to show employees appreciations is through their bellies. They say the food is the way to people heart and if you feed them they will never leave! Acknowledging an employee on a special occasion, or acknowledging an employee for the achievement of current goals or a promised timeline is very important. Therefore, taking employees out to lunch or hosting a luncheon in the office is a great way to show employees appreciation. Leaders can allow the employee that is being celebrated to pick the restaurant or the type of food the leader should purchase. Alternatively, leaders can bring food in for their teams, such as home-baked treats, chocolate, bagels or other treats every once in a while, to show appreciation.

I personally believe it is important for leaders to show employees appreciation for all the work they do and for staying loyal to the team or organization. I personally perform rather low when I do not feel appreciated, I need to feel valued, appreciated, and wanted. When I do not feel valued, appreciated, and wanted I do the bare minimum. I will not be loyal to the organization or team if I do not feel appreciated. To me, leaders should try to show employees appreciation on a daily basis by simply giving employees encouraging words or a simple thank you. Some leaders have the misconception that employees salary is showing employees enough appreciation. However, salaries are the bare minimum and employees will only be motivated by money for so long.

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