How to solved the bullying, writing homework help

Title : How to solved the bullying

4-5 pages or 1500words

Introduction : talk about how the bullying

Body : (1) To prevent bullying, what schools can do.

(2) How to education students about bullying.

(3) By building a positive school climate, victims could benefit from this better condition.


This paper need use 5 resource to support the article

The resource

(1) Link :…



(4) Hawker, D. S. J., & Boulton,(2000) M. J. Twenty years’ research on peer victimization and psychosocial maladjustment: A meta-analytic review of cross-sectional studies. Journal of Child and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, 441-455.


Smith, P.K. & Shu, S. (2000). What good schools can do about bullying: Findings from a survey in English schools after a decade of research and action. Childhood, 7, 193-212.

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