Humanities Writing

Please read the attached short story and then answer the following questions:

Write a new thread of at least 200 words containing the following information:

a. Identify a work of art to evaluate (the short story) and include a hyperlink to the work you are evaluating in the post.

b. Clearly indicate the type of art you select and its title (e.g. poem, novel excerpt, short story, etc.) and identify the artist and the year the art was created. Additional research on the artist and the work is encouraged.

c. Identify the culture this work seems to represent or by which it is influenced by indicating WESTERN or EASTERN. (Some Western examples are European, American, Canadian, etc.; and some Eastern examples are Asian, Native American, Indigenous, etc.)

d. Identify whether the work’s approach is mainly “Apollonian” or “Dionysian.”

e. Identify whether your response to the work is mainly “Apollonian” or “Dionysian.”

f. Evaluate the work’s “craft.” Is this a good example of this type of art? Is it well presented? What are its points of value? Does it have a message?

g. Would you recommend this work of art to others?

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