Hypokinetic assignment

For this assignment, you will choose one of the following Hypokinetic Conditions and complete the 4 quadrants with information about that specific condition.

Hypokinetic Conditions:

Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes, Low Back Pain, Osteoporosis

Information for the 4 quadrants you will need to think about using in your completing the assignment.

WHAT? What is it; explanation, background, history, signs and symptoms, methods used to diagnose

How? How do we “get” and treat this, How common is this in the USA, Age group with highest rates, communicable (how), Prevention: risk factors-controllable vs. uncontrollable, Treatments and effectiveness

I know… something already about this, what information have you learned in other modules that has already taught you something about handling this condition. Think about risk factors, components of wellness, CHAs, anything you came across during your studies.

Bottom Line! Prevention (new research) this should be 2-4 sentences take away point applicable to your audience.

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