i need to write three annotated bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

The annotated bibliography is a standard research tool for cataloguing sources of information for a given project, and for evaluating the usefulness of those sources. Because your projects deal with the difficulties of authoring reports, memos, and other documents with people at a distance, you should find sources that deal with the obstacles presented by working remotely, new collaborative writing application (like Google Docs, Zoho, etc.), project management software, collaborative writing in general, and anything else pertinent to the scenario you are working under. please choose three

Many students ask what constitutes a valid source, or “Is this a good source for the project?” For this project ANYTHING that contains information you feel will be useful later in the project counts as a valid source. Since you will be telling me why that source is potentially useful, I am going to take your word for it.

You should find at least three sources per team member, and your final bibliography (with annotations) should run at least 1000 words (if not more). It is not necessary that you use a particular citation style (MLA, IEEE, APA, Chicago) but your citations should be clear and consistent.

Here are two sites with explanations and examples of what an annotated bibliography is:

There are websites that will help you with your citations, and even format those citations for you. Two of them are:

There is no reason to struggle with formatting citations yourself if these tools will do it for you.

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