I want to write research for the Qualitative Methods?

Nowadays, selfies are becoming part of our daily lives; everywhere you look, there is someone or a group of people posing for a selfie. It does not matter, in religious, political, full of love, or pain.

My goal for this research paper, I want to know whether selfie have effect on Saudi women lives, and how the selfie changing the Saudi women when I use qualitative research and how the qualitative research help my for my goal for my question:

How selfie is changing in Saudi women life??

When I did the interview with four Saudi women “participants”..

in the files you can see the “All Research Activity” , ” Final Paper” and “Example” …!

you can to reading the notes for the recording for the “participants”

you can choose some the five themes (( same messages from all participants))

and you can take example for anyone participants after that you can.

Finally, These answers can help you in my question research if you have any change you can do

thank you so much

and when you have any question I’m here

the final paper 17 pages.

thank you!

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