ICT in India, writing assignment help

Your task is to research the area of India to become familiar with their use of technology. Make sure you cite your sources; this week’s assignment is worth 20 points.

Write a paper that includes the following items:

  • a map of the region –(3 points)
  • a PDF article concerning the ICT of that region – you should find several – – you should find several – select 1 and provide the title and the citation using the APA Style. Read the material and write a summary of the article and include 5 “Points of Interest” you discovered concerning the region and Information Technology. (12 points)
  • add a question for class discussion (3 points)
  • search for a video on the subject – Watch the video and then write a brief summary of what you viewed. Be honest – if you can not find a suitable reference state that in your recap document. (2 points)


I want it basic like and please don’t copy paste.

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