Identify to what extent it was impacted by lags, assignment help

Research an expansionary fiscal policy action from 2009. Identify to what extent it was impacted by lags.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was a very large fiscal stimulus program.

1. Read about ARRA in Wikipedia.

2. Answer the question: To what extent did the 3 types of lags we discussed in class impact the 2009 ARRA?


1 to 2 pages or depending on the requirements , 12-point fonts, 1.5 spacing and wide margins on all sides!

Language. Be precise in formulating your thoughts. Reread your paper more than once before handing in, use spell-checkers and grammar instructions. Typo’s are likely to downgrade the final assessment of the paper, you will be judged mainly about your contact and information

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