Informative Essay about “The Use of Smartphones” – 750 words (3 pages)

Instructions for Essay 1:


Topic: The Use of Smartphones


  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
    • Facts about using the smartphones
    • Advantages of using the smartphones
    • Disadvantages of using the smartphones
  • Conclusion

Purpose: To inform and educate the reader about a certain topic. Informative essays are not for providing an opinion or convincing the reader to agree with you. Think of yourself as an educator teaching the reader about a topic they are unfamiliar with.

Audience: Students


General instructions: Write a college-level academic essay in which you inform the reader of a particular topic.

The essay should demonstrate that you understand the topic thoroughly. I would suggest you choose a topic you are already interested in and familiar with. You must provide proper MLA citation.

Essay structure:Basic Essay Format

  • Introduction – presents the topic, outlines the main points, and ends with the thesis
  • Thesis – clearly and concisely establishes the purpose and focus of the essay
  • Body paragraphs – Minimum of 3 paragraphs that present all of the important facts and main points presented in the introduction. All body paragraphs should include:
    • Topic sentence
    • 3 or more sentences that provide supporting details
    • Transition into the next paragraph
  • Concluding paragraph – summarizes the main points

*All paragraphs should be a minimum of 5 sentences each.

Length: 750 words minimum (about 3 pages)

Format: Microsoft Word document, double-spaced, 12-point font in Times New Roman, with MLA-style first-page heading, headers, etc. (Use your MLA Template)

Documentation:You must include in-text citations in your paper and all sources must be listed on your Works Cited page in correct MLA format.

Submission method: Electronically using TurnItIn in Canvas.

Points possible: 100.

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