Ingredients of a good abstract according to Wendy L. Belcher’

Read Wendy L. Belcher’s textbook chapter on Abstracts, and

1. Provide a brief summary of the significance/importance of having an abstract(summarize the reasons the author gave)

2. list (summarize) these 6 ingredients or characteristics of a good abstract

3. List (summarize) the features Belcher identified as good social science abstract

4. List (summarize) the features Belcher identified as good humanities abstracts

5. Provide the justification or benefits the author gave for the importance of the following:

A. Citing multiple sources

B. Referencing Debates in the Field

C. Using Discipline-related Expertise

D. Providing Critical Framework

E. Providing Evidence

F. Avoiding Extensive Quotation

6. Tell us some key lessons or takeaways from this reading/information regarding abstracts.

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