Institutionalized Sexism And Diversity In Human Development Essay


I want you to write a page and a half about (SEXISM) in Diversity in Human development class. I attached a picture of the context that you need to search and find the subtopic from the book: Reading for diversity and Social justice fourth addition. After reading chapter 5 which says section 5 in the book then start write one and a half page. You can write a summary, a critique, or an analysis.

  • Content and Format

Organize your short paper into sections.





  1. Length is not the most significant factor for evaluating your paper. A short and well-written paper (one and a half page) is far better than a lengthier one which full of wanders and repetition.


  1. Quote articles by author(s) and year inside your text. If there is a lone author, the last name and year of the publication – e.g. (Giddens, 2014). If there are two authors, contain both names and the year of the publication – e.g. (Giddens and Hall, 1997). For more than two authors, use the first author with et al. – e.g. (Adams et al., 2013).
  2. Include the list of works cited at the end of your paper.
  3. Please double-space all your paragraphs. That way it is much easier for me to interpret your work.
  4. Please use paraphrasing sentences and direct quotes to make your argument.

Thank you so much.

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