Intensive and Critical Care Nursing

This is the article to be critique) Basic competence in intensive and critical care nursing: developmentand psychometric testing of a competence scaleRiitta-Liisa Lakanmaa, Tarja Suominen, Juha Perttila¨, Marita Ritmala-Castre´n, Tero Vahlberg andHelena Leino-Kilpi 5. Obtain at least 3 other articles as supporting information for your topic. 6. Where available, include institutional policies and procedures to support discussion of topic (i.e. princess magarette hospital, Doctors hospital health system, Rand memorial hospital etc.). Policies/practices of regional or international institutions may be used where available. 7. Feature article must be approved by course faculty. 8. There will be NO late submission of the assignment accepted. Guidelines for the analysis: 1. Provide a summary of the article to include the following: i. Background ii. Purpose iii. Methodology iv. Limitations of the study 2. Discuss findings/recommendations outlined in the study. 3. Compare findings/recommendations with current theory and research on the topic. 4. Apply with documentary evidence, findings/recommendations to nursing education and clinical practice in the Bahamas. Format of the document: 1. The document is to be typed using APA format for organization and referencing. 2. The paper should be no more than 8-10 pages (not including abstract, references or the appendix). 3. The feature article and supporting articles are to be included in the appendix of the document. . Engage in a scholarly discussion about the article rather than simply summarize it 2. Paraphrase the article without plagiarizing the author 3. Provide an objective critique, supported by evidence from other authors 4. Demonstrate that extensive reading was done to provide and understanding of the topic 5. Identify the particular strengths and weaknesses of those readings 6. Identify different positions and perspectives in the readings EVALUATION OF WRITTEN WORK – 50 POINTS Criteria Marks Achievable Summary of Article  Background  Purpose  Methodology/Design  Limitations of the study 10 Discussion  Findings  Recommendations  Inclusion of current theory and research to support discussion  Inclusion of statistical or other relevant data to support discussion 15 Application with documentary evidence to the Bahamas  Nursing education  Nursing/clinical practice 15 Referencing  Abstract  APA style and format 5 Presentation  Grammar & Mechanics  Creativity 5 TOTAL 50PTS create power point presetation Journals: (NOTE: Articles from other journal can be used with course faculty permission.) 1. Journal of Critical care 2. Critical Care Nursing 3. Critical Care Nurse 4. Nursing in Critical care 5. Journal of Advanced Nursing 6. Journal for Specialist in Pediatric Nursing

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