Interpersonal Communication Skills and Customer Service Discussion


Pick two different organelles found within eukaryotic cells and describe the importance of its function to the life of the cell. In your description, remember to include a discussion on the consequences to cell function if the organelle were not a part of the cell’s structure.


In section 2.1 you read about how we can model certain situations using linear equations. In particular, example 8 shows how you can create an equation to predict sales of a company

Pick a company whose sales you want to model and predict. Look up their sales information and pick 2 years of data. Using that information, create a linear equation that can be used to predict the sales of the company. Once you have your equation, predict the sales 2 years from now.

Make sure you include in your post the links where you found the relevant information. Clearly show your work. This includes naming the company, sharing the ordered pairs, defining variables, finding the slope, determining the equation, and then using that equation to predict.


Interpersonal communication skills in a customer-services oriented field such as medical assisting are an important necessity within medical facilities.

Suppose you are a medical assistant in a medium-sized medical office. In your daily work, you encounter a variety of people in the workplace such as patients, other medical professionals, vendors, and public service workers such as US postal personnel.

In your initial post, please describe in detail how customer-service is important as a receptionist, in the office and on the telephone.


Julie is a 45-year-old woman who has been sick for over one week. She has fever, fatigue, cough, and body aches. Her doctor prescribed her an antibiotic on day 2 and she has been taking it as prescribed. Julie’s symptoms are not getting any better. In fact, she is having abdominal cramping and diarrhea since starting the antibiotic.

  • Why might Julie not be feeling better?
  • What diagnosis might she have and what treatments are indicated? Could her illness be prevented?
  • What does her fever tell us?
  • How can we make sure she does not spread it to her family?

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