Introduce Yourself in lean six sigma course

you should answer this questions and it’s easy but you have to answer it :

  • When did you start the undergraduate or graduate program and what degree are you seeking(start 2015, will graduate in 2020, as chemical eng)
  • Your experience and knowledge level of Six Sigma and Lean (complete it from google)
  • Novice, Understand it, Tried it, Expert (complete it from google)
  • If you work, where and what position are you holding ()
  • Any past internship positions (yes, I have done internship in oil and gas company)
  • What are you expecting to gain out of this course (complete it from google)
  • Share a few significant milestones, life-altering occurrences and interesting experiences that you feel best exemplify who you are and what your life has been about. Explain how each instance helped shape your life view and/or altered your way of thinking. (complete it from google)
  • What do you expect to get out of this class (complete it from google or your own words)

i am waiting you

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