introduction about myself


    1. The message should be a general introduction of yourself to the rest of the class.
    2. Each of the following items should be entered as a separate paragraph. This means that there must be a blank line between each of these items to make it easier to read.
    3. What is your academic major and year in school? (FR, SO, JR, SR, Other)
    4. The “metropolitan” includes areas beyond cities. Where are you from and would you call it a “metro” region or not and why? In what ways does technology factor in your quality of living in light of where you live (or where you have lived in the past). Be specific, if you can be.
    5. What’s your current understanding of the term “infrastructure” as something that matters to technology access or uses?List one example each of “good” and “bad” infrastructure set ups and why you believe it matters to an individual or group. Who do you think is “responsible” for the situations you cite?For the “bad,” what would have to change to make the infrastructure different?
    6. Indicate your own degree of interest in the following course areas; provide specific examples of things of interest and why: § Green Technologies for Environment, Parks & Recreation § Transportation Applications and Services § Public Safety & Surveillance § Wireless Communications and Hot Spots for Internet Access § Open Access and Sharing: Arts and Cultural Resources § Anything of your Own Choosing you Wish to Include- Describe your personal goals for taking this course.

#########This is what I have but it is for a different class, Please make the changes to follow this assignment rules. :

Hello everyone, my name is Amjad Alsadiq, you can call me Joud. I am international junior student here at Towson University, My major was Biology, but it did not work with me, so I changed it to Information System (IS). I am from Saudi Arabia, from the east coast.

I am really in love in traveling around to discover new places, cultures, and languages etc… you can ask me for tips for traveling. I also love to read some books in the airplane or on the beach if there was not loud music. I love to hang out with my friends.

Talking about my job experience, there is not specific job that I work into, but I work as a tutor in my previous university, which called, Susquehanna University in PA, as an Arabic tutor. By the way, Arabic is my first language.

I do not have any idea about ERP or SCM system, I would love to learn about them especially if they will help me in collage and in my future job. Also, there is not a specific topic that I want to learn from this course, unless it will help to be prepared to work in the work force. In the future, I would like to be a professor in Towson University. Additionally, I would like to work in group because that will allow me to learn more, and get information from more than one person. It also easy to work in group even if we have a very hard project, I believe it will be easier if we work on it as a group. The best time to reach me is from 10-12 Monday to Friday morning. I was not there for the first class, so I cannot say anything that was important to me or I missed understand it, but I wish everything going to be clear and easy. I am a listener more than a talker.

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