Introduction to Teaching, Week 3 Edu100 discussion help

As a professional in education, you will likely be asked to explain, justify, and/or support the standards and assessments of your chosen field.  A well-rounded explanation will appeal to both the heads and hearts of your audience in a manner that provides insight into your professional philosophy and perceived accountability.  Discuss your perceived purpose of the standards movement and relevance to accountability and assessments as discussed in Chapter 11 (attached).  Your discussion should include a description of a minimum of one advantage and one disadvantage of the standards movement.  Please be sure to support your discussion with material in Chapter 11 and/or other scholarly resources.

Please make sure your post is at least 300 words and cite the attachments and use them in your response. This is the reference for the attachments:

Hall, G.E., Quinn, L.F., & Gollnick, D.M. (2014).  Introduction to teaching: Making a difference in student learning.  Los Angeles: Sage Publishing.

Also, my chose field is Child Development to become an elementary school teacher. 

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