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2.2) Issues Analysis (10 points) , paper – 3 pages, 10-12 pt. font, double spaced, A):

– Your team will identify functional issues related to marketing and operations (operations is a big area and covers anything and everything that is not accounting, finance or marketing, so even manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, human resources, etc. are all part of operations) facing a fortune 500 company. The team will then present its strategic recommendations for the company. You are encouraged to conduct as much original research as possible. Focus should be on analysis and not mere presentation of facts, figures and numbers. This presentation should include:

  • Issues– Focus only on four key issues. When discussing issues make sure you focus on:
    • what is the issue
    • why is it an issue
    • is the issue unique to the company
    • company’s response (before and after the issue became public)
    • your recommendations (make sure they are realistic)

    ** Please focus only on what is asked in bold and answer the 5 bullet points above thank you

  • COMPANY IS AMAZON.COM 3 pages please

any questions please ask the criteria is simple and straightforward

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