Jefferey Dahmer Case

Jeffrey Dahmer Case No. CASE NUMBER:F-912542, State of Wisconsin

  1. Go to Google and do a search for “Jeffrey Dahmer”. You will most likely find video artifacts and articles about the evidence used in the court decision. Read up on all the specifics involved in the case. There are also some resources provided for you in the module materials to get you started. Please feel free to find any additional resources on your own.
  2. Review a court docket for this case.
  3. Then, identify the steps in the legal system, particularly the trial and jury selection, as they pertain to the case of Jeffrey Dahmer.
  4. Focus on the evidence presented for trial, the use of the evidence as presented to the jury and the decision of the court in sentencing the accused subsequent to his conviction.
  5. After reading and analyzing the case, do you believe sentencing for Jeffrey Dahmer fulfilled the goals of the court? Determine if the need for differential treatment in the courts is appropriate. Expand on why the other sentencing options were not appropriate.
  6. Create a timeline visual that illustrates the process of the court system from the perspective of the courts as far as jury selection and presenting evidence at trial. You can build on the timeline you created last week and include different colors for this case OR you can choose to create a new visual. Specifically, create points on the timeline that show Jeffrey Dahmer’s journey through the court system. The timeline should illustrate the essential points that helped in the conviction of the accused, as well as the court’s decision in sentencing.

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