JRN3315 Michigan State University Six News Stories on U.S. Media Law Issues or Events

The news clips assignment involves finding six news stories on U.S. media law issues or events– for example, an article about a court decision in a libel case, legislation drafted to amend the Open Meetings Act, an Internet pornography conviction, jailing of a reporter, filing of a copyright infringement lawsuit, or any news stories that involve our other course subjects not mentioned above, including the First Amendment freedoms of speech and press; prior restraint; hate speech; time/place/manner restrictions; the privacy torts; protection of news sources; access to the judicial system; obscenity; electronic media/broadcast; ethics and the press; and the regulation of advertising.

There must be direct media involvement in the case or issue. Stories, at least six paragraphs long, from any U.S. newspaper, magazine, or news Website are acceptable, but no more than three stories from one publication or Website; only one story on the same case, event, or development; no more than two stories from the same week; and no stories from the State News, scholarly journals, or legal publications.

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