Juvenile Offender , law homework help

Please see the two attached documents for more information and instructions. You may choose one of the three options below to complete the assignment. If you’re familiar flow Chart it might be less time consuming and easier or you may choose to do a regular paper. Your choice.

A) The first document contains instructions on referring to the three billeted options. Each option will contain two parts to the assignment no matter what option you choose. So PLEASE… ensure you do both parts as stated in the instructions.

B) The second document contains case studies n which you will need to choose which one you prefer to do the assignment on. You only need to choose one case study as well.

Select one of the following options to complete for your assignment:

  • Option 1: Juvenile Offender Flow Chart
  • Option 2: Juvenile Offender Journal Entry
  • Option 3: Juvenile Offender Paper

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. Also ensure to site sources and include a reference page.

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