Kid Kustomers, Critique Evaluation Essay help


A critique evaluation essay focuses on identifying a writer’s claim and evaluating the evidence for that claim. Write a critique evaluation essay in which you do the following: identify the claim and the evidence used to support the claim; identify the overall strengths and/or weaknesses of the text; and analyze how the author structures the argument, as well as the types of support strategies the author uses. Then explain why the argument is effective or ineffective based on whether or not the evidence used supports the argument.

The essay should be organized in four sections: introduction, summary, evaluation, and conclusion. Remember that a section can consist of several paragraphs; do not condense your entire evaluation into one paragraph! Pay attention to unity and coherence.

Length: 750-1000 words (4-5pages) in APA style

Reading: Kid Kustomers by Eric Schlosser

Sources: No additional sources required; APA references page for required reading only

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