Lansing College Shared Understanding of Goals & Managing Conflict Paper

All groups experience some form of conflict. It’s the process of developing a shared understanding of goals, norms, roles, and expectations. Just because you get along or avoid fighting doesn’t mean you have no conflict. For this week’s assignment, you will be working individually to consider conflict within your group.

For this week’s assignment you will be working individually to identify conflict in your current group for this class, or conflict within. Make sure to read through the assigned chapter this week for a description of the terms and concepts you should be addressing.

Think through what your small group has done so far on the project and identify a conflict your group experienced. Remember, just because you didn’t fight about it doesn’t mean there was no conflict. Conflict could be something as simple as having two different ideas about which case study you should select. If you are struggling to identify conflict in your group, you may also identify a previous group experience in which conflict occurred. Once you’ve identified the conflict, respond to the following questions in a document and submit it to this folder.

  1. Briefly describe the conflict in your group. What happened? What caused the conflict?- managing conflict
  2. What method(s) was (were) used to resolve the conflict? Which method was most effective?
  3. Do you think there was a better method that could have been used? Why or why not?

This is an individual assignment. All students must complete and submit their own work.

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