Law Enforcement and Racial Discrimination Black Americans Essay

Packback Critical Thought Post

In week 1, we took some time to get to know each other, and week 3 used citations. Since then, we’ve covered a fair amount of material. Maybe some of it was new to you, or interesting, eye-opening, confusing, conflicting. So far we have covered ~1/2 of our course material, and some of you have expressed your changing views and expanded understanding about a great many subjects related to science, race, and racism. This Critical Thought Post will be a great place to share your thoughts with your fellow classmates, and to talk about the video documentaries we watched in weeks 2 and 3. There are 24 points possible for your Critical Thought Post. Please refer to the syllabus and additional information in Week 5 Module on what we expect and how this is graded.

Your Critical Thought Post should be 2 to 4 paragraphs (500-600 words) in length. Be sure to include a few questions, references and citations when referring to course material or any material from other sources. This post should be a well-composed critical response and reaction to the readings, videos, articles, lectures, etc. Explore the course readings and lectures in light of current events in the news, as well as relate the material we are covering in this course to your opinions, perceptions, and bring in new material to support your critiques and explorations (with proper citations of course). These critical thought posts are a good chance for you to develop questions and show your critical evaluation skills. This should not simply be a rehash of our readings and lectures. Be sure to include outside material, make connections between historical and current events, illustrate critical thinking skills, and include references and citations.

Need to use both inclass and out-class courses.

Here are in-class sources:

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