Learning Standards Discussion

You have been provided some basic information about early learning standards, the common core standards (currently implemented in K-12 education) and how common core may affect early childhood education. For this assignment you will either agree/disagree with the following statement: The benefits of establishing learning standards outweighs the risks of establishing learning standards. This should be your primary thesis statement supported by at least three points from your videos/readings/or other resources. You should also be able to identify at least on reason why someone might take a different position.

This discussion assignment requires that you post your perspective within the discussion forum. Please note that you should post directly to the forum. Do not attach a document. Everyone should be able to see your work simply by scrolling down the discussion. Make sure your work is original (DO NOT PLAGARIZE). You can use the internet and your resources for information but do not copy it.

Beyond your statement you will be asked to respond to the statements at least three of your classmates. Note that you will not be able to view any of your classmates posts until you post your work. These responses should be thoughtful and not a simple “I agree/disagree.” Please review the rubrics for more information about how this assignment will be graded.

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