Learning Window Lesson Plan

Template of lesson plan is attached so are the instructions and rubric

grade 4

Subject social studies

The state is Maryland

Teacher candidates will use the Learning Window model to create a unit lesson overview focusing on the application of reading, vocabulary and writing strategies to a standard in a given content, grade, and topic area.

Learning Window Lesson Plan

Research shows that clear learning objectives provide students with an opportunity to maximize learning and reduce anxiety (Silver, 2018). As educators, it is our duty to breakdown the standards – which can often be too broad or laden with jargon to provide student clarity – into manageable and clear objectives for our students. Unpacking these standards in order to determine exactly how/what the students should learn is an important skill for all teachers to master in order to have a well-managed learning environment.

There are a variety of methods and strategies that one may use to help create clear objectives and learning targets. For this assignment, you will use a derivation of a strategy known as a “Learning Window” developed by Dr. Harvey Silver to outline and pre-plan a unit on a self-selected topic and standard that incorporates a literacy learning piece. Be sure to think carefully about how you can build on this plan moving forward through the course. Be sure that in addition to the appropriate standard for the age/grade-level that you are also considering literacy and writing components as well.

Important Note: Your selected topic and standard MUST be selected from one of the following areas – math, science, history, physical education, foreign language, business, or fine arts. As this course is specifically focused on disciplinary literacy outside of English Language Arts and reading instruction you may NOT select a standard/topic in those areas. Although the focus of the course is on grade levels 4 – 12, you may select a topic and standard from a lower grade, however, it must also cover the areas of math, science, history, physical education or fine arts. Exceptions may be considered for secondary English Language Arts majors on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your professor ASAP for more information.

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