LGBTQ Community – Short Essay

Question Set 1: Describe intersectionality and discuss its major components. How does this concept relate to the LGBTQ community?

Question Set 2: How was same-sex desire and activity thought about in ancient Greece? What was accepted and permissible? What wasn’t? What examples of same-sex relationships appear in ancient Greek literature? What were these types of relationships like in Ancient Rome and how did they differ from those in Greece? How were same-sex female relationships viewed during these period?

Notes: Minimum 500 words (MLA Style). Make sure to cite the sources (3 sources). Acceptable sources: peer reviewed articles, books and news articles from reliable sources such as major newspapers or organizations such as the Smithsonian or National Geographic and items provided in course materials. Unacceptable sources: Wikipedia, opinion pieces, and blogs

Attached are some useful readings.

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