Literature Review

For this assignment you will write a literature review there are 2 parts to the literature review. The first part you need to identify and summarize three general potential interests to study. The area of interest is educational leadership .For the second part After the identification and description of the three broad potential research topics, determine search terms/key words to be used in various databases (e.g., Ec ERIC, ProQuest) to identify and review for each topic .Please use 12 font times roman,APA Style, citations, references no plagerism.

last step

Compile both steps into a single document where you list the three topics you are interested in researching and the key terms you used to explore the library databases.

Length: 2 pages, not including title and reference pages

Be sure to Label the cover page as followed:

Lackey EDR-8200-V2

Week 1

North Central

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