Literature Review

Literature review of three articles from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals that address multiculturalism and diversity at higher education institutions.

Prepare a 2 – 3 page review of the articles that compares and contrasts the information included in the articles, the researchers’ findings, and how the information supports the project. Include the following information with your comparison:

  1. An APA style reference for each resource.
  2. A brief overview of each resource, including author’s credentials; populations, technologies, and theories discussed; research design; findings; etc.
  3. Your assessment of the resource that addresses the following questions:
    • What conclusions did the author draw?
    • Do you agree with the author’s conclusions?
    • What additional questions do you have about this topic?
    • How would you gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the resource?

Your review of the literature should be written so that it has an introduction, body, and conclusion of the information you are reviewing. Please use information and materials you have learned in this course about multiculturalism and diversity to support your assessment.

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