Living Leadership Samples

Please see the attachment for Ideas. General Writing Rubric:

*These writing considerations are applicable to all graded writing for the course and should be considered in addition to any other instructions given for an assignment, even if these items are not repeated in the directions of the assignment*

Overall writing evaluation

The assignments should follow the DSC Writing Rubric in the category of exemplary (the detailed DSC writing rubric for “exemplary” writing is posted in the syllabus). Please refer to it for explanation of each category. Overall, the submitted homework is exemplary in the areas of:

  • Critical thinking
  • Rhetorical Sophistication
  • Organization
  • Use of Language
  • Information Literacy

Best answers will write out the definition of any and all applicable concepts being discussed and apply facts and evidence from the question, situation, case study, etc. to the definition.

Best answers cite to the place the information was taken (PDF, website, or power point, etc).

Best answers reflect high comprehension of reading, answer reflects critical analysis, critical thinking, ability to apply information, anticipate a further or deeper level of synthesis than merely repeating material back to instructor. Thoroughness, depth of discussion, analysis, evaluation of concepts and situation will be used to determine level of comprehension and commitment to task.

Best answers do this AND bold, underline, or italicize where leadership terms and/or concepts are being.

Best answers MUST use material from the assigned homework readings and materials to support the position, argument, or reason for the answer.

Do not use outside sources unless told to do so or that it is permitted by the assignment. However, if for some reason you do… any outside sources will have to be cited.

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