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M300 Case study write-up

October 2016

Two page MAXIMUM student response minimum 12 point font

In June 2016 the Chinese company, Ninebot, which purchased the original firm that created, introduced and marketed the Segway personal transporter, introduced a new product into the market, the Segway miniPro. The Segway minipro has been variously described as a hoverboard and a self-driving scooter, Weighing 28 pounds, It is sold online through Amazon, as was the original Segway personal transporter. The Segwan miniPro was initially priced at around $1000, compared to early versions of the original Segway Personal transporter which sold for around $5000.

Ninebot produced a line of personal transportation robots, including the Ninebot E+, the Ninebot One, and the Ninebot One S2. The company describes itself as being focused on “seamlessly connecting robotic solutions to smart phones and integrating existing technologies and future concepts, such as facial recognition and voice interaction with its robotic products”.

The original Segway Personal Transporter was introduced in 2001 to wide technical acclaim. However, the product, which was initially forecast to sell 10,000 per week, sold only 30,000 total units over six years, and lost tens of millions of investment dollars.

There are many accounts of Segway’s failure that you can easily access, and one is provided below as an initial reference

Here are links to the Ninebot website, the Segway miniPro website and a demonstration video of the Segway miniPro from YouTube. There are many more videos and websites you may want to check out.

For this assignment you may consult any sources you wish. However, the actual written submission must be original.




Case Assignment

  • Briefly describe the characteristics of what you believe to be the ideal target market for the Segway miniPro, and a rationale for that description. (make sure to include specific segmentation bases and criteria)
  • Using the five product characteristics that influence new product adoption (discussed in class) “relative advantage”, “compatibility”, “divisibility” ,“complexity”, and “communicability”. Discuss and evaluate Segway miniPro sales potential using each of these factors.
  • BONUS POINTS: List insights into possible marketing approaches to improve any/all of the five product characteristics listed in Question #2.

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