Major Regarding the Construction of the Convention Center , writing homework help

You are employed as a consultant for a city that is investigating the possibility of building a convention center to attract tourists. Provide your recommendation to the mayor’s office regarding the construction of the center. (One recommended source for your work is a report by Professor Heywood Sanders, produced for the Brookings Institute. The report contains information about the demand for conventions and the supply of convention centers, and is provided as a link listed under these instructions.) Below this link I have also included some additional references for you to use in your work. Feel free to search for additional resources to add to your analysis. Conflicting sources are also acceptable so long as they use sound economics in the analysis. I will be happy to review such articles prior to the due date for the assignment if needed.

A one-page executive summary is required. A single page forces students to be concise and to think clearly about what they want to say. Use the tools that you have learned in the course for full credit (opportunity cost for example).

The project accounts for one-third of the grade.

Please upload your project in a word document attachment. Title the file with your last name, “, ” first name, Class Project. You will upload the file using the Submit Assignment button to the right on this page. You may add additional comments in the text entry box, if needed. DO NOT PASTE YOUR ARTICLE IN THE Text Entry BOX. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS PARAGRAPH AND ATTACH YOUR WORD DOCUMENT TO YOUR SUBMISSION.…

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