Managerial Accounting

Write a 3 page paper that demonstrates a clear understanding of your topic and a connection to a focus area(s) in Managerial Accounting topic.

You must integrate information found in academic journals. Remember that this is a scholarly paper, so you will need to ensure your paper aligns with the APA 6th edition writing style. In addition, you cannot use first person in this (or any) scholarly paper. Also, do not use “dot com” or wiki references. All sources must be from peer-reviewed journal within the last 8 years retrieved from Welder Library. Sources can be older than 8 years if they are formative to the field of study. You are expected to showcase the comprehension of your topic in relation to a focus area(s) of this class.

. Below are the expectations for this assignment. APA 6th edition format Title page (include the degree you are seeking)3 pages of body 8-10 peer reviewed, scholarly references. These references must be clearly cited within the body of your paper. Your textbook can be used as a reference but must be in addition to the 5 sources. Reference page

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