Manifest Destiny and Territorial Expansion, assignment help

1. Manifest Destiny and Territorial Expansion:

How did the acquisition of territory in the West ultimately contribute to the start of the Civil War? Be sure to include such factors as slavery, railroads, popular sovereignty, free soil, statehood, and balance of power within Congress. You will want to mention important events and milestones such as The Missouri Compromise, discovery of gold in California, the transcontinental railroad, the Compromise of 1850, “bleeding Kansas,”, and the Dred Scot Decision.

2. Civil War

What were the advantages and disadvantages of the North and the South at the beginning of the Civil War? Which of these specifically led to Northern victory and Southern defeat? Why did the war last so long and come at such a high price in human life? What is the most important reason why southerners failed in their bid for independence from the United States?

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