Marijuana Use & Relation to Academic Dishonesty Introduction Literature Study PPT

I need you to do the (introduction, literature study and the method) for this draft. I have uploaded a sample of how should be the slides look like.

For the introduction, use solid sources:

  • at least 3 peer-reviewed articles
  • at least 3 other reliable sources (.gov, .edu, national news + use your own judgment. NO BLOGS!!!)

  • Create 4 solid slides for the presentation’s introduction and literature study, using required sources. Use the QUANTITATIVE SAMPLE SLIDES and PRESENTATION CHECKLIST (see “files” in group page).
  • Create 3 solid slides for the method section, explaining every step in your data collection.


Please avoid plagiarism, and make it original.

Follow the instructions carefully.

I have uploaded the completed online survey that I did with other teams, please use Excel to collect the data ( focus only on my topic which is Marijuana) just collect data for who only participated in my questions.

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