Marketing Ethics

Instructions: In class, we discussed how ethics are socially constructed. What is “right” and “wrong” to one person may not be to another. We have also examined several marketing appeals advertisers use to persuade consumers to purchase their products. For this activity, you will need to consult units 7 and 13.

First, take a look at this advertisement:

Based on the video that you just watched please answer the following questions:

  1. What emotional appeal was used in this video?
  1. Was it ethical/unethical?
  1. Why or why not?

Finally, please refer to this final video:

Of the 10 misleading marketing tactics mentioned in this video, choose one, and answer the following questions for it

4.As a viewer of this advertisement, what ethical obligations apply to you when you come across such a message?

5.As a viewer of this advertisement, what ethical obstacles might make it difficult to abide to such obligations?

6. Do advertisers’ intents change whether their messages are ethical or unethical? If so, how? Please explain using examples from your above answers.

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