McGinn Ocean and Desert, writing assignment help

Assignment: Reaction Paper McGinn Article

Attached Files:

Read the attached article by Bernard McGinn on Christianity and write a 150-200 word reaction paper on the article. The article is attached to this assignment and is also available in the academic resource section of Blackboard. Post your paper prior to the due date and time.

The author has devoted specific study to the use of desert and ocean metaphors and motifs in Christian mysticism. Because of the biblical setting, desert symbolism has been more dominant over the centuries, even as Christianity spread to other climates and locales. McGinn discusses the two motifs and the way that mystical union is described and understood. Specific study is devoted to the mystical idea of absorptive union with God. Although this is a specific article tracking but one point on the vast field of Christian thought, it does provide a window into the world of mysticism. What would mystical language sound like if Christianity had started in a tropical area? How does space and environment shape mystical and poetic language? Consider these and other questions when developing your written assignment.

Make sure that you use APA or MLA providing in-text citations and references or work cited when using the work of others.

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