Microsoft Excel 2013 vs Microsoft Excel 2016, homework help

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Library Assignment

The Library Assignment Is Due On 10/31/2016 till 11:59 PM or Earlier As Soon You Finished. The Topic for the Library Assignment Is

(Microsoft Excel 2013 Vs Microsoft Excel 2016)

The Assignment Should Be At least 2 to 3 pages. The Assignment Worth 50 Points You Don’t Need To Go To The Library To Do The Assignment You Can Do It From Anywhere You Want. The Assignment Must Be Typed in MS-Word or Other Text Format Applications and submit the document here. Use Double Spaces If Needed and Normal Font Size 12pt Assignment should include an Additional Cover Page Also which should mention

1) Your Name

2) Instructor Name

3) Class Name

4) Date

5) Topic Name

6) Image (Picture related to the topic for example Microsoft Excel 2013 andMicrosoft Excel 2016 logo)

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