Mod 6.1 Discussion – Parts 1 & 2

Part 1

Discussion: Classroom Expectations:

As a K-12 ELA teacher, you will need to establish classroom management practices and set expectations for your students. These often vary between individual teachers, and as you will find out, what works with one class may not work with another. In many cases, even effective classroom expectations can have negative consequences. For example, a policy of not allowing bathroom breaks after lunch could cause students to get upset, and exhibit disruptive behavior. Another example could be requiring specific supplies that some students cannot afford or obtain. Knowing how to address these as they occur will result in a well-organized classroom and smooth lesson implementation.

Main Response

For this discussion, begin by reflecting on what you have observed veteran teachers do in their classrooms, and what you have learned in this course. In addition, take a look at 5 Quick Tips for Secondary Classroom Management, and review Chapter 2 of Intentional and Targeted Teaching. The two case studies provided in this module may also help you think of some ideas to work with.

Once you have reviewed these resources, develop a main response in which you:

  • Briefly summarize the importance of classroom expectations as you currently conceptualize it.
  • Identify and describe one item from your current or future classroom expectations.
  • Explain how it could be problematic,
  • Discuss how you would address problems that occurred as a result of the expectation.

Part 2

Discussion 6.1: Hearing Impairment

Discuss some steps you will take to include a student with hearing impairment in your classroom.

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