model is a part of a campaign for the Substance Abuse , writing homework help

The recovery model is a part of a campaign for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This model is being used in the field of mental health and human services to emphasize a client-centered approach to recovery and change. It was initially developed for people struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues but has since been expanded to apply to all types of human service issues and diverse change objectives. A related theory for working with client change is the Stages of Change process described in Chapter 12 of the text, starting on page 240.

To complete this week’s Discussion, go to the California Homeless Youth Project website and choose one of the youth’s personal stories from the videos available to use as the basis for your post. The link for this website is located below.

Apply the principles of the recovery model (page 250 and Appendix A of your text) and the Stages of Change theory (page 240) as you prepare your answers to the following questions. Please post your responses directly to the message part of your post; do not do this by attachment.

  1. In several sentences, provide a brief description of your client, the presenting issue(s), and what the client is requesting case management assistance with.
  2. Describe which stage of change you believe your client is presently in regarding the issues/changes presented and why you feel your assessment is accurate.
  3. Provide a specific example of what you would do with this client to support the stage of change he or she is in, and to help the client begin to move to the next stage of change. Please be specific.
  4. Define one of the guiding principles of the recovery model that you feel relates to your interaction with this client and explain how this principle supports or conflicts with the stages of change intervention you described in number 3.

Video Wall: California Homeless Youth Project. Retrieved from

To access a video transcript, follow these instructions.

  1. Select the video for the Unit 7 Discussion.
  2. Select the YouTube™ icon located on the lower right corner of the video screen.
  3. On the YouTube website, under the video, select “More” and “Transcript.”

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