Module 4


Teachers will be able to understand and use content standards and objectives to plan instruction.


Prepare for the module by doing the following:

1. Read: Chapters one and two of the SIOP book.

2. View: SIOP videos in PDToolkit for SIOP

  • Forum and Activities
  • Question 1- Module 4 Forum Reflecting on the importance of addressing both content and language objectives in the instructional planning, describe the benefits/strengths of including language objectives in every lesson.

Question 2- Module_4_Activities_Final.doc

Question 3-Module 4. Exit Ticket

Complete the exit ticket to demonstrate you’ve met the objective(s) of the module.

Complete the following items.

1. Look at the objective for this session module. In 3-5 sentences demonstrate that you met the objective.

2. In 3-5 sentences explain one takeaway from the reading(s) done for this module. What did you learn from the reading(s) with regard to teaching ELLs?

3. In 3-5 sentences explain one takeaway from the activities done in this module. What did you learn from the activities with regard to teaching ELLs?

4. In 3-5 sentences, explain your thoughts on the videos or power points in this module. What connections did you make with prior knowledge and experiences while watching the videos or power points?

These are the instructions for accessing the ToolKit.
  Here are more specific instructions for the pdtoolkit.
1)  Go to
2) Click on “Register” in the top right
3) Scroll to the middle and click on K-12 teachers (blue button) for the textbook (NOT THE FIRST BOOK)
4)  Accept terms and conditions
5)  Register and put in code.

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