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Look up the most recent beige book from the Fed. Answer some questions about monetary policy.

The Federal Reserve Bank publishes a report called the Beige Book eight times a year that summarizes the current economic conditions in each of the 12 bank districts. This report is used by the Federal Open Market Committee when deciding on monetary policy.

Go to… to read the most recent Beige Book (Oct. 19, 2016). Go to…. to read about the most recent Fed actions.

Then answer the following questions:

a. What are the current economic conditions?

b. What is the most recent policy action taken by the Fed?

c. Based on your answers to a. and b., what policy action do you recommend the Fed take at its next meeting? Explain your reasons.


1 to 2 pages or depending on the requirements , 12-point fonts, 1.5 spacing and wide margins on all sides!

Language. Be precise in formulating your thoughts. Reread your paper more than once before handing in, use spell-checkers and grammar instructions. Typo’s are likely to downgrade the final assessment of the paper, you will be judged mainly about your contact and information

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