Music in Humanities, writing homework help

Select one of the following questions and write a personalized response to the question selected, using appropriate musical terminology from the readings associated with Module 5. Your reflection should have a minimum of 300 words and should be your original work, not the work or analysis published in another source. Then read and reply to two (2) of your classmates’ posts, offering your insight into the works discussed. (You may choose to respond to a question other than the one you chose for your initial post.)

Question 1: Can you think of any music performers from today, or from recent times, whose performance technique — virtuosic like Paganini’s and Liszt’s – includes or included magnificent showmanship?

Question 2: The Romantic era was a time of dramatic change in the world. What “revolutionary” influences do you recognize in the art, literature, and music of the 19 th century?

Question 3: Why do you think Americans have been slow to cultivate the enthusiasm for opera that prevailed in Germany and Italy during the 19th century? And why do you think operas are enjoying increasing popularity here now?

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