My major Fire Protection Engineering i went someone have experience about this

1. NFPA 101: 5.5.3 provides design fire scenarios as the performance-based design option. (

you are to select any two design Fire Scenarios and provide detailed example for that Design Fire Scenario.

Appendix A of NFPA 101 provides you with an example for each of the scenarios, so your example


2. In your everyday life when you go to the dining hall, shopping centers, restaurants, places of worship, etc., I want you to be observant of your surroundings from an egress design analysis. Be observant of the occupant characteristics (what about them would impact their ability to evacuate, bulding characteristics (hazards, number of stories, elevator, type of activites being performed).

your assignment is to write a detailed narrative of the observed egress strategies that should be used in one of the occupancies of your choice. it should be a type of occupancy where there are many people, but you may choose what occupancy it is. be descriptive about the occupancy itself and the occupants that would impact their safety if a fire were to occur in the occupancy.

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